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Yes, you can. There are several methods depending on whether the result (or grid line) contains one single file or several files (Multidoc).  In addition, In addition, text documents created with Audiqueen's built-in text editor  have another particular way of being downloaded or saved as new files.   

  • One single file
    • If you only want to view the document in the appropriate app (e.g. MS Word, Acrobat Reader, MS Excel, Notepad, ...): use the Open Original button. If you wish, you can then still save the document by using the Save As button.
    • If you wish to save the file directly to a folder of your choice: use the Download Original button.
  • Multidoc
    • If you want to compress all documents to a zip-file and place it in folder of your choice:  use the Download All button.
    • If you want to download individual files from the Multidoc: click on the Show All button to open the Multidoc panel with the thumbnails of the different documents or files...

      and use the right mouse button to click Download.

      The Copy to clipboard button copies the selected file or document to the clipboard.  This is especially useful for images.

  • Text documents

    Text documents are created and can be opened and manipulated using Audiqueen's built-in text editor (see How to create documents with the text editor).  They are saved as docx files in Audiqueen's database.  They can be exported in several formats, such as docx (see above), but also doc, pdf, odt, etc...  This is how to do it:

    Select the result line in the grid, and use the right mouse button to edit the selected result.  This opens the multidoc window showing the document thumbnails at the left.
    You can now use the right mouse button to open and edit a text document in Audiqueen's text editor...

    and save it as any type of file...

This feature is not available in the web viewer.