It can be very useful to export several test results into one file, for instance, to send this information to a colleague who can import them into his own Audiqueen. 

The way to do so is simple. This and other functions are demonstrated in the instructional video on List Manipulations.

Get access to the list of all test results by deselecting the specific test type you are looking at. In the ribbon, click on the test icon of the test displayed. This test will now be "deselected".

Audiqueen now displays the list of all test results ever obtained. You can select several test results by holding the CTRL key and selecting the lines with a left mouse click.

Now use the right mouse button to retrieve the export function to create an *.auqx file that contains all the results.

You can attach this file to your email and send it to somebody else who can import this file into his Audiqueen.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.