See also: Test Type Working Principles

Audiqueen comes with a built in text editor. This allows you to create and edit your own text documents, store them in Audiqueen, or export them as files with an extension like docx, pdf, txt, etc. 

In the Format window of the test type (e.g. Text), select Audiqueen Text Editor as Measuring Apparatus/Software and click on Configure. 

The configuration screen shows the available templates (1) and the one that is selected to be used for the current test type (2). The latter is selected by means of the Use as default button.

Click on New or Edit to create a new template or modify an existing one. Built-in templates can't be edited/archived. It is possible to add templates to favourites. Favourite templates will appear on the top of the list when selecting a template.

This opens the Template Editor to create, modify, manage your document templates.  You can modify the template just like you would modify a word document.  In addition, you see dynamic fields (1) and you can add more as you find them under the Field button in the menu ribbon (2).  These fields refer to data from the patient file in Audiqueen and they will be replaced by the real data in the text document that is created by means of this template. It is also possible to add graphs of the shelved results (3). More graphs can be added with a Graph button in the main ribbon (4).

Create Template from a Word Document

You can open a template by creating a new one or editing an existing one.  Than you can open the Word document that you want to use as model.  When you save this in the Template Editor, it will be available in the Template Manager.


Export a Template

You can open a template by creating a new one or editing an existing one.  Than you can export it as a Word document (.docx) and pick a location to save it on your computer. 

Feel free to contact Otoconsult for assistance.

After saving the configuration, use the New Measurement button to open the free text document (see How to use the Text Test Type?).

This feature is not available in the webviewer.