Audiqueen has several user types: Administrator, Standard, or Read-Only.  All users need to be authorized, either by username and password or through LDAP.  All users have access to all data, but they have different rights to add or modify data, or to change settings, test types, etc.

Read-Only rights only contain basis view rights.

Standard users can also add and modify data, such as new test results, keywords, events, hearing aids, etc.

Administrator rights are required for all ‘manage’ functions, such as the management of users, keywords, event types, indices, legend symbols, etc.

The centre & users FAQ page contains a table with the main differences in user rights.

Only Administrators can assign, change or modify the rights of an Audiqueen user.  For this, he/she clicks on the centre icon in the environment button in the ribbon.  He/she selects the operator and clicks on the 'Edit Operator' button to change the rights.