See also: Test Type Working Principles

Click on this support page as a good starting point for understanding Custom Test Types.

This section explains how you create a button in the ribbon to store documents.  For the sake of consistency, such a button will be referred to as a Test Type.

Option (1): create a new test type with a default template to enter free text
Option (2): create a new test type to add documents from a connected document scanner

In both options, the 'New Measurement' button will use the default method to get a new document.  In option (1) this new document is created based on the default template.  In option (2) the new document is fetched using the scanner (or other device specified in the Easy File Fetcher).

In both options, the 'Manual Input' allows you to add documents manually,  with the browser or by copy/paste, or with the New Text Document button at the bottom right.  The latter allows you to add documents based on other templates than the default template for the test type.

Click here to find out how to create a new Custom Test.

In the last step of this procedure, make sure to activate either the Text Editor (= option 1) or the Easy File Fetcher (= option 2).  You can also select this built-in software in the Format window of the test type.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.