Audiqueen requires a valid licence.  This contains a use right for a certain period (typically one year).  Upon expiry, the licence needs to be reactivated.  If not, Audiqueen’s functionality will be reduced to a minimum.  Audiqueen shall not completely stop so that you’ll always have access to the medical data of your patients. 

Normally, the licence is reactivated through an online reactivation procedure. See the corresponding section for the online licence reactivation procedure. If your computer does not have access to the internet you can perform the steps explained in the following section.

How do I reactivate the Audiqueen licence with an offline computer?

Open the Audiqueen Administrator Tools. You can only log in with an Audiqueen account that has Administrator rights.

Then click on Licences.

A new form will open that shows you the installed Audiqueen licence(s). Click reactivate.

A new window will open again asking you to reactivate the licence. Press the button Reactivate Licence.

An error message pops up saying that the license reactivation failed. Click OK.

Another message pops up asking if you want to try again. Click No.

A new window then opens allowing you to create an offline reactivation file. After saving this file, send it to from any computer. Next, you click on Go Back.

The Audiqueen license Reactivation window appears again with an extra field to enter your license certificate file. Once you received this file back from Otoconsult, you can download the file and click Browse. Choose the dowloaded certificate file and click Install License.

After clicking on this button, a message should appear that confirms the reactivation.

Your licence has been reactivated. You can now close the Licence Manager.