The right to use Audiqueen is defined by a licence key.  This is a code that you receive from Otoconsult or from your local distributor.  This contains a use right for a certain period (typically one year).  The key also defines the features, the number of concurrent users, the number of workstations, etc., and the expiry date of your use rights.   

How and where to enter/activate the licence key?

You are asked to enter the licence key during the installation procedure.

This field pops up to enter the key:

You can always retrieve your licence key in the Administrator Tools, or partially in the About window..

What happens if my licence expires?

Upon expiry, the licence needs to be reactivated.  If not, Audiqueen’s functionality will be reduced to a minimum.  Audiqueen shall not completely stop so that you’ll always have access to the medical data of your patients. 

When to re-activate the licence key?

In most cases you will not have to do anything.  After paying your annual contribution, Audiqueen tries to renew your use licence automatically. 

If not, you will receive a message to re-activate the licence manually:

Click here to find out how to reactivate your licence.

Licence usage model

The Audiqueen licencing mechanism uses a ‘concurrent sessions’ principle, where each 'active' Audiqueen Workstation occupies a session. A regular session has a time-out of 20 minutes, which means that a Workstation keeps occupying a session for 20 minutes after the Audiqueen application has been closed on the Workstation. Please note that a connected peripheral device (e.g. audiometer) occupies one user session on a permanent basis.  The maximum number of allowed simultaneous sessions is limited by the purchased licence. Technically this has the following consequences:

  1. An Audiqueen licence is activated. The activation typically is repeated once a year. The first activation requires manual intervention, but if possible, re-activation is done automatically. The licence contains information about the maximum number of allowed simultaneous sessions and also determines which connections to instrument hardware are allowed. During activation the licence is locked to the database and will only be functional on this specific database and server instance. Activation occurs over the internet when an Audiqueen client can access the internet (https protocol, TCP port 443 on When internet access is not available or blocked (proxy servers with authentication, firewalls, etc.) activation occurs by generating a code and by delivering this code to Based on this code Otoconsult will create and return you a licence certificate file. Loading this certificate file onto the machine where the code was initially generated, activates the licence.
  2. If you need to transfer the database to another machine, a deactivation of the licence on the current machine is required. Only when the licence has been deactivated on the original server machine you’ll be able to activate and use it on the new machine.



Deactivating licence keys

Licence keys can also be deactivated.  Click here to find out how.