The Administrator tool is a powerful application to manage integration, security, licensing, and other settings and configurations of Audiqueen.

Only users with administrator rights can open the Administrator tool. The tool can be accessed as an autonomous application or through the Audiqueen button. 

Different manuals are available to guide you through several managerial functions.  The Administrator Tools Menu consists of several components:

Open Administrator Tools

Overview of Administrator Tools

Database connections

Normally, Audiqueen is connected to only one SQL database.  It is possible, however, to create different databases.  This then is the place to set the connection. 

Centre and users

This is to modify the centre details, to create new users, modify or delete users, passwords, user rights, administrator rights, etc.


This is to install, manage, activate use licences

LDAP Authentication & Authorization

This is to configure authorizations using an LDAP Directory Server

Context Integration

This is to configure the context integration with your Electronic Medical Record, mainly to configure the command line patient arguments

File Push to EMR

This is to configure how to dump your test results as files to your EMR.

HL7 ConfigurationThis is to configure your HL7 Service for receiving patient information or sending test results to your EMR
Noah ConfigurationThis is to configure your Noah service to receive results from or send results to Noah

View Log Files

Audiqueen writes log files for maintenance and surveillance purposes.  This button opens the location to retrieve these files.  This is for use by Otoconsult’s technical helpdesk. 

View sessions

This is to monitor which user has gained access to which patient file. 

Import keywords

This is to perform a bulk import of keywords

Extension Management

This is to import, modify or remove pre-built speech lists (‘extension’) for speech audiometry

Overview of all
Audiqueen Settings

This is a long comprehensive list of all possible settings for Audiqueen, including the other ones covered by the other buttons, such as A§E default settings, the settings that are typically set in the Format window of the ribbon, Datafile storage path (if enabled), MaxFileSizeForDB , EMR integration settings (context or HL7), Keywords, Events, LDAP, NOAH integration, update strategy, etc.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.