In case of an unexpected error, a message will pop up with more details. This pop-up allows the user to send the details to Otoconsult by means of creating and sending a ticket.

Typical error message with more details and the possibility to send a ticket.

A trace of all errors is kept in a separate file which can be consulted through the Audiqueen Administrator Tool.

The log file with all traces of the actions and errors can be opened through Audiqueen Administrator’s Tool.

A manual, instructional videos, FAQ and release notes can be found while in Audiqueen, clicking on the HELP tab.

In case you need to report an Issue you can click on "Mail a Bug" and follow the instructions. 

Fill in your information with the issues details. When is possible we strongly advise to attach one or more screenshots that reproduce the problem. Under "Product" select Audiqueen and then click on "Send Feedback".