1. Open OTOSuite. Make sure it is connected to the audiometer 
  2. Set Otosuite to Speech
  3. Open an Audiqueen A§E test by clicking on new measurement. Select Generic Device as audiometer and go to the calibration of this device
  4. In step 1, select the correct Windows audio device that makes your VU meter in Otosuite detect sound. This might be your default sound card with an audio cable connected to the audiometer, or just the Audiometer soundcard
  5. In step 2, play the calibration signal & check in OTOSUITE what the VU meter is showing
  6. The audiometer should be having 0dB in the VU meter. If not, have your audiometer adjusted so that it is calibrated with the VU meter input level to 0 when playing the calibration signal in Audiqueen/A§E.
  7. Do a verification to assure that your calibration is correct. 


An alternate, but not recommended way is to adjust the Audiqueen slider so that the vu meter input in OTOSuite is 0dB.


  1. After a successful calibration, you can test within Audiqueen
  2. Open OTOSuite. Make sure it is connected to the audiometer 
  3. Set to Speech
  4. Configure the audiometer in OTOSuite so that the correct ear and transducer is set 
  5. Set the output to 70dB in Otosuite and start your A§E test in Audiqueen.
  6. When Audiqueen asks to put the output level to 90dB, please do so in OTOSuite.
  7. After closing Audiqueen, you can also close OTOSuite.