See also: Should I use dB HL for speech audiometry?

Yes, Audiqueen offers a lot of freedom to customize the speech audiogram.  There are 2 horizontal axes available: a primary (default) and a secondary (optional).

The settings of both are defined in the Format window of speech audiometry (in noise).

Primary axis (A)

The default dimension of the primary axis is dB SPL.  You can change this to any other dB scale, for instance, dB HL! (see the section on decibels).  In this case, you enter the offset of this scale as compared to the dB SPL scale and you may decide to start the graph at another value than the default 0 dB.

Secondary axis (B)

You can show or hide the secondary axis.  This axis is displayed at the level of Y=50%.  It is meant to be used as a dB HL axis (see the section on decibels).  For that, you need to select the “stimulus-specific” option.  Audiqueen then starts the axis at its intercept with the test-specific normal curve (see Solution Centre).  This is good practice.  Some users prefer a fixed offset rather than a stimulus-specific offset.  In that case, you enter the offset value in the corresponding field.

This feature is not available in the web viewer.  
Audiqueen's web viewer inherits the settings defined in Audiqueen's Workstations.