When the machine where the Otoconsult License Server is installed, is not shut down properly, it may happen that the Otoconsult License Server gets corrupted. This has happened with customers that have the license server installed on a machine that is typically used as a workstation. When the License Server is in the "Corrupted" state, all Audiqueen clients validating their license against this license server will then present the user with an error message: 

ValidationException: A ticket could not be granted because the license server is in the 'Corrupted' state. Problem = LicenseServerNotRunning

Depending on the license level, users will then either be denied access to Audiqueen or fall back onto Restricted Mode.

The license server repairs itself from being corrupted 20 minutes after the service has been started and detected that it was in a corrupted state. Consequently Audiqueen users will automatically regain access to the program after 20 minutes without any intervention. However, the problem may present itself again in future, when the license server is once again not shut down properly.

Therefore it is recommended to resolve the issue permanently. Two options exist to achieve this:

  1. Install local licenses on all Workstations, so that the license server is not needed any more.
  2. Move the license server to a real server machine, that is never shut down.