It might happen that Otocube is not working correctly. 

To assure that your Otocube is plugged in and working correctly, the next items should be checked:

  1. There is an ESI U24XL Audio driver installed
  2. There is an icon of ESI in the notification area

  3. There is a sound card installed that has the name Speakers - U24XL Audio driver. It cannot have a name containing SPDIF Interface, if this is the case, your drivers did not install correctly!

  4. There is a drive/device called OTOCUBE on your computer

If one of those is not showing correctly, your Otocube might not work. Please check the following items that can be checked to solve any issue.

  • Is the USB cable the original one? This is of major importance for the Otocube to work with your computer

  • Plug the USB cable into another USB port

  • Turn the otocube off and on

  • Turn computer off and on again

If none of the above work, please try to update the driver for the audio device in Otocube. You can find the latest driver on the ESI Support webpage.