Cable Specifications

If you do not have an Aurical with a USB connection, you will need a null modem serial cable to connect to your computer. 

If you use an extra extension cable, make sure this is straight through, otherwise it's a double crossover.

More information about the difference between serial cables can be found on the internet (for example:

This cable needs to be plugged in into the Aurical and into the computer. If the computer does not have a serial connector, use an USB to serial adapter to plug it into one of the usb ports of your computer.




Be sure that the Aurical is connected to the computer and that the device is turned on. A Communication Port should be available in your device manager. 

When you look at the properties, you will find a property Bits per second in the tab ‘Port Settings’. 

Remember this property and also the name of the Port (COM1, COM2 …)

Close A§E or any other program that tries to connect to the Aurical.

Download the zip file that contains 2 files HERE. It contains the files AURICAL.INI and MESWBOX.INI

Open the AURICAL.INI file with a text editor like notepad.

Adjust the name of the COMPort to the one that is shown in device manager.

Adjust the Baudrate to the property Bits per second that is mentioned before.

Save the AURICAL.INI file. Copy both files to C:\Windows\


Start A§E. Try to connect to the Aurical as mentioned in the A§E manual.

 After a bad connection, be sure to re-check the AURICAL.INI file, the COMPort line might have been changed