Audiqueen comes with a unique user friendly video capturing feature. This allows you to enter video sequences to your test results.

Connect your camera with your computer

Before you start, you must make sure that your computer receives video images.  Hence you need a camera and a connection to your computer.  Any digital camera will do.  This can be a simple webcam, or a high end endoscopic tip camera. The connection between camera and computer depends on the camera and the drivers that come with it.  Many modern cameras have easy to use USB connections.  Other cameras are connected to a monitor.  In that case, you need to capture the video signal from that monitor.  You can find adaptors and software for this in any dedicated retail shop.  Alternatively, Otoconsult or you Audiqueen distributor can assist you and provide you the proper components.

The camera should appear under devices in your computer’s Control Panel.

Create a Custom Test for video images

Now you need to create a custom test to handle the video movies and images. The instructional video on Test Management shows you how to create a custom test.

Make sure to check the Measurement device ‘Audiqueen Video Capture’ in the Custom Test Details. The Configure window allows you to change your preferences, like the image quality, the recording bit rate and frame rate, the video codec, the snapshot format, snapshot hotkey, video resolution, etc.

Please take into consideration that video recording uses a lot of your storage (hard disk) and make sure to have sufficient capacity available on your system. Audiqueen indicated how much storage your preferences require.

See the FAQ on How to use the built-in Audiqueen Video Capture tool for further use instructions.

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