To know which version of A§E you should buy, there are some things to be considered:

Diamond vs standard

If you have one of the audiometers listed below, you should buy a Diamond version.

This way, you can perform audiometries and you can fully control the audiometer in A§E without 3rd party software or manual adjustments.

When you do not have one of these audiometers, a standard version is the option.

Audiometers for a Diamond license:

  • GN Otometrics Aurical (not the Free Fit version)
  • GN Otometrics Aurical Plus 

  • Interacoustics Affinity
  • Interacoustics Equinox
  • Otocube

Master vs additional

When you buy A§E for the first time, a master license is necessary.

If you already have an A§E master license version 2009 or higher, you can buy an additional license. The 2 computers should then be in the same network.