When formatting/replacing the C drive or moving the A§E centre to another computer, some actions must be performed to use A§E again as before.

Connection to the internet

Be sure that every test result is uploaded on the old location by having an established connection. Afterwards, do NOT make any new results or create a new patient on the old location anymore. Results that are not uploaded will not be transferred to the new computer/formatted c drive.


Transfer the centre file

All files necessary to run a centre are collected in one folder. This whole folder must be transferred to the new computer, this can be done manually or by moving the centre file in A§E:

Once A§E is open, Choose Environment > Manage Centre... > Move Centre File. Then choose your destinantion. A§E will still be usable on this computer after moving the centre file.


License key

Note: please remember to have a copy of the activation key written down before you uninstall your licence.

Starting from A§E 12.1.7, it is possible to transfer your license key. Click here to go to the support page for license transferring.

If you have an A§E version previous to this version, please contact otoconsult for license support.

Configure A§E on the new computer

After installing and activating A§E on the new computer, you will have to select your centre file which you have backed up some steps ago. Make sure you will always be able to browse to this folder while using A§E.

In the A§E welcome screen, browse to this folder and select the file which has the .centre extension.

After calibration, you are ready to use A§E again.