NOAH Integration Audiqueen can be configured to retrieve audiograms and speech audiograms from a NOAH database (see automatically. For this, NOAH Web Service (WSI) needs to be added to the NOAH and Audiqueen infrastructures. The WSI-license can be provided by HIMSA or by Otoconsult.  See also the NOAH Integration Installation Manual.

Exporting NOAH data

NOAH can be configured to export data automatically after saving a test result. Alternatively, the user can opt for manual export of data. Exported data then becomes available in Audiqueen (see further).

Manual export of NOAH-test results.Audiqueen can also request NOAH to export historical data (from a certain period) 
and make them available to Audiqueen. This feature is typically used once, typically during the installation of the NOAH link.

Screen captures of the Audiqueen feature to request historical NOAH-data.

Importing NOAH data into Audiqueen

Audiqueen only imports NOAH-data that have been exported first (see previous section) and that belong unequivocally to the current Audiqueen patient. This latter criterion requires that the Audiqueen patient is identified as the same person as the NOAH patient.

At any moment, the user can ask Audiqueen to import NOAH-data into Audiqueen. Audiqueen then shows the list of exported NOAH results and asks the user to link them to Audiqueen patients.

Audiqueen can be configured to automatically import NOAH-results if there is a perfect match of name, first name, gender and date of birth; or to show possible matches and let the user confirm it.

Figure showing Audiqueen’s NOAH data import window.