Reactivating Audiqueen network license

Open the Otoconsult License Manager on the correct machine. Most likely it is installed on a virtual machine, contact your ICT administrator if you do not know where the license server is installed.

At the right bottom you will find the button Show Installed Licenses. Click on it.

A new window will open showing the installed licenses. Select the license that you want to reactivate and click on Reactivate License

A new window will open again asking you reactivate the license. Press the button Reactivate License.

After clicking on this button, a message should appear that confirms the reactivation.

Your license has been reactivated.  You can now close the License Manager.

The License server will automatically refresh the license after a while, if you want immediate effect of the license reactivation you can restart the Otoconsult License Service in the local windows services.

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