If you have upgraded or extended your license, it is necessary to reactivate your license to continue working with the renewed license.

When you have one license for more computers, you should reactivate through our license server manager on the server.

When you have a license for only one computer, you must reactivate the license on your workstation.


Reactivating Audiqueen on a local workstation

Warning: only when you have a local license (no server license!) you can reactivate your license through the program.

Method 1:

When starting Audiqueen, you might get a notification. You can press on 'Reactivate License & Start Audiqueen' to reactivate your license.

Method 2: 

If you do not get the notification, you can still perform a reactivation by following the next steps:

Click on the crown at the left top and then on About.

 A new window will open. Click on the keys next to the license information to reactivate your license.

Reactivating Audiqueen on our license server manager

Open the Otoconsult License Manager on the correct machine (most likely it is installed on a virtual machine, contact your ICT administrator if you do not know where the license server is installed).

At the right bottom you will find the button Show Installed Licenses. Click on it.

A new window will open showing the installed licenses. Select the license that you want to reactivate and click on Reactivate License

A new window will open again asking you reactivate the license. Press the button Reactivate License.

After clicking on this button, a message should appear that confirms the reactivation.

Your license has been reactivated. You can now close the License Manager.


Open the Help menu tab and click on Install License to reactivate your license.