Calibration is a critical step in A§E. Good calibration guarantees that the presentation levels are correct and that there is sufficient headroom to accommodate the peaks in the speech signals. If calibration fails, this can have multiple causes. 

Please check the following issues carefully and run the calibration again.
  • Is the cable correctly connected to the correct soundcard?
  • Is the cable correctly connected to the speech processor?
  • Is the POD correctly connected to a working USB port?
  • Is the POD correctly connected to the speech processor?
  • Is CustomSound software installed and updated to the last version?
  • Does the speech processor show a green light? 
  • Is the green light blinking while the calibration is ongoing in A§E Coala?
  • Are you sure that no other sound is playing on the soundcard? (Music player, web radio, another program, games, …)
  • Did you select the correct sound card in the Settings Manager?
  • Is the soundcard set correctly in Windows?
    • Volume 100%
    • Not muted
    • No virtual enhancements in the advanced settings of the soundcard properties
  • Is Windows set with “No Sounds” as sound sheme? See Picture below:

  • Windows Sound Configuration

If the failure persists, you may want to change the soundcard. It may be a good option to purchase an external USB soundcard. Feel free contact us for assistance.