Configure a custom test to launch a document template

Audiqueen allows to perform a New Measurement using an application of your choice, or a document template that is handled by an external application, for instance MS Word or Excel.  Audiqueen will launch the chosen application or the application associated with the file type of the document template to be used. Once the application has been closed, Audiqueen will attempt to find and process the output produced by the application.

To open a file with Audiqueen, for instance a Microsoft Word document, it is necessary to set and configure the Audiqueen Easy File Fetcher for the Test Type at hand, following these steps.

  • On the ribbon click on the arrow in the lower right corner of the Test section.

  • In the Test Management window select the custom test and click on the "Edit Test" button.

  • In the Custom Test Details window deselect Manual Input Only and choose "Audiqueen Easy File Fetcher" as connector in the box just below. Click on "Configure" button.

  • In the Configuration window set the following settings:

    • ApplicationPath: Enter the complete path (directory and file name) to the file that needs to be opened.
    • LaunchApplication: Set it to True.
    • ProcessUseShellExecute: Set it to True.
    • RetriveExistingProcess: Set it to False.
    • RealTime: Set it to False.
    • ArchiveFileAfterProcessing: Set it to True to remove the exported file after it is imported into Audiqueen.
    • Directory: Enter the directory path where Audiqueen should search for the output of your application.
    • FileName: Leave it empty.
    • SearchPattern: Set it to the extension of the file that will be exported by your application, e.g.*.pdf or *.docx for MS Word.
    • TakeNewestFileInFolder: Set it to True, such that Audiqueen will take the newest file available in the specified directory.

  • As the example in the picture below shows, the connector is configured to import a PDF file saved in the folder "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Audiqueen Documents". When "New Measurement" is pressed the Word file "Document.docx" will be opened with the default application associated with this file type, for instance Microsoft Office Word. .


  • To prevent from the original document template to be accidentally overwritten, make sure to put the file properties of the template to Read-Only.

  • To ensure that Audiqueen imports the desired output file, and not the original document template file, don't click on "Save" In Microsoft Word but on "Save as" and export it as pdf.

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